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Center of Ravno Municipality

Ravno is a really old settlement, first mentioned in 1438, which means that it’s home to vast historical legacies and and it’s full of historical landmarks: four churches, multiple tombstone necropolises, traditional buildings made out of stone and legends from the age of early Slavs. 

First Croatian integration movement in Herzegovina was started right here in Ravno, in the year of 1903. The attack on Ravno, 1.10.1991., marks the beginning of the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Ravno was, at one time, a central hub of culture and education of Ravno Municipality. 

Namely, Ravno was the place where the first mixed-gender elementary school in Herzegovina was built, in 1896, while in 1925 a new reading-room bulding was built, which was named the Home of King Tomislav.

Ravno is placed at the center of Popovo field, with four entrances to the main square, which makes it look like a real little town instead of a village. There are two international border crossings close-by, which also makes it a transit location.

In addition, Ravno is also the administrative center of the Municipality which, along with its catering facilities, has services offered by the Health center and the Retirement home.

What’s interesting is that Ravno can be considered as a sort of village-town. Number of residents and its size make it a village. However, its architecture, streets and entrances to the center of Ravno make it a town, which means that Ravno can be looked at as the smallest town in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Općina Ravno