A monograph of Ravno Municipality

Nature in all its pristine glory


The Monograph of Ravno Municipality was necessitated by the need for a proper showcasing of all the natural and historical legacies of Ravno Municipality. It was to be a standard tourist guide at first, but when the authors Stanislav Vukorep, dr. sc. Domagoj Vidović and Vesna Slobođan started to gather and catalogue all the collected information, they found so many unknowns and curiosities about this Municipality that the monograph grew from a small guidebook into a large and detalied book containing large amounts of information about the Municipality of Ravno. To make this Municipality presentable and attractive to tourists, visitors, scientists and investors from all over the world, we have published this tourist monograph named Neispričana priča (translation: Untold story). The monograph contains many photos and unknowns about the historical and natural wealth of this area, which will intrugue and impress every reader that opens this comprehensive book.

The book that the reader holds in their hands is a pleasant surprise. This is a book whose contents require in-depth reading and the reader will have a strong urge to visit every area that was described in this book. It showcases everything which left a mark on Ravno Municipality and its inhabitants from times long gone; numerous events, facts and information, historical happenings, cultural legacy, especially many formerly unknown material monuments from the earliest times, throughout the middle ages up to today; tradition.

Special care was given towards representing everything that makes this part of Herzegovina unique and beautiful. Every place is described in much detail which all together form a complete picture from which the soul of the place can be seen along with the unknown lives of its people. The amount of work the authors put in making this book can easily be seen as well as the successful intention to encompass everything, all to make the picture even clearer. The constant conflicts at the crossroads between the East and the West, under various conquerors has created strong, liberty-loving people ready to make big sacrifices just so they could survive and stay in their homelands. It wasn't easy, but we made it.

The information that the reading-room building named Kralja Tomislava dom was built at the beginning of the previous century tells us that culture wasn't ignored. There were many happenings that aren't well known to the reader, if at all. The traditional folk dances were taking part igrali on guvnos, church ground in the reading-room building in Ravno, Illyrian songs were sung, together with epic fiddles. The authors introduce us to it all. We find out that in Ravno the first mixed-gender school in Herzegovina was opened, even before the 19th century ended.

The phenomenoms of this place are a story of their own; Vjetrenica cave, the piles, tombstones, churches from pre-Ottoman age of st. Rok in Trebinja and st. Dimitri in Ravno, the miraculous wealth of the karst will leave anyone speechless.

The authors didn't forget to describe how the inhabitants of this Municipality live today. Everything is still being restored, but also rebuilt. The conditions for living are improving every day and every guest is welcomed with open arms.

This short review will be finished by the ascertainment that the authors can really pride themselves for making this books, sincere thanks for the tremendous effort they put in and with a call to good-natured people with a verse of a famous song. „Come to see, come to be amazed...“
Marica Bukvić
a professor and author of many textbooks of Croatian language

Sample pages of the monograph can be viewed below:

Općina Ravno