Vjetrenica cave

Nature in all its pristine glory


Biggest natural beauty and wonder of Ravno Municipality

Known worldwide for its strong and cold winds constantly blowing at the entrance, Vjetrenica (Windy cave) is an unexplored cave containing corridors up to about 7 kilometers long, as well as 135 ponds. The cave is freshly cold even during the hottest summers, with a constant temperature of 11°C. Nominated for inclusion to the list of localities under the protection of UNESCO, this wonderful object of nature has been untouched since ancient times, mentioned as early as 77 AD.

During the winter period Vjetrenica becomes highly attractive, as the crystallic glares from its natural ornaments make the cave literally sparkle. In addition, there is the Great lake, which is located 1000 meters from the cave entrance, where a boat was found and placed on display in the biospeleological museum, as well as many smaller ponds spread throughout its halls and corridors, which are inhabited by the endemic species, Proteus Anguinus, or the human fish.

A leopard skeleton was also found inside this cave, which is temporarily on display in the National museum in Sarajevo.

Should you decide to visit this cave, you will be acquainted with the short history of Vjetrenica, and also see for yourself what makes this cave so beautiful.

Općina Ravno