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Ravno Municipality is home to quite a few famous people which changed the world with their work. Some of them are mentioned here.

Ruđer Bošković (full name Roger Joseph Boscovich) was a Croatian mathematician, astronomist, surveyor, physicist and philosopher; a Jesuit priest. Werner Heisenberg, a Nobel prize winner and a physicist, has called him a Croatian Leibnitz. His father, Nicholas Boscovich, comes from Orahov Do, where he lived until moving to Dubrovnik in 1688, leaving behind the family house which can be found in Orahov Do even today.

Stojan Vučićević, born 7th of July, 1941 in Turkovići, was a Croatian poet, travel writer, translator and journalist. Made famous by the fact that he wrote patriotic songs during the age of communism, which made him a prisoner sent to Goli Otok at a very young age. He was working as an editor for the magazine Vidik at one time, as well as a journalist for Telegram. He died 22nd of September, in 1989. The Municipality of Ravno has raised a monument at his birth house in his honor.

The leader of Herzegovinian resistance against the Ottomans, Priest Ivan Musić was a vicar in Ravno at the time. His contributions led directly to the liberation of Bosnia and Herzegovina from the Turks, to be given to Austria-Hungary.

Mihovil Vlahinić
was a regular member of ANUBiH. He graduated in agriculture and did quality checks and verifications of the land in Popovo.

Anđelko Vuletić
 was born on 9th of June in 1933 in Zagorac near Trebimlja. He is a famous Croatian poet and literate. His works were full of life philosophy and prose expression. His more famous works and collections are Gorko sunce, Drvo s paklenih vrata, Deveto čudo s istoka and Dva hrama, dvije razvaline.

Henry Suzzallo was a Croat hailing from Grepci, Ravno Municipality. He became president of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching in 1930., where he recognized William Boeing’s talent. William later on went to become the founder of Boeing, widely known as a big producer of airplanes.

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