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The Municipality of Ravno is located in the extreme south-east of Bosnia and Herzegovina, close to the world tourist destination, Dubrovnik, Adriatic Sea and Međugorje. It stretches along the Neum river and Dubrovnik hinterland, from Hutovo in the northwest to Konavle in the southeast, about 80 kilometers long. It is bounded by the state border with the Republic of Croatia from the southwest and the entity border of the Republika Srpska from the north-east. The municipal center - Ravno settlement is located on the hillside along the eastern edge of the Popovo polje, which has, by regulaton of the flow of the Trebišnjica River, become the main factor for economic development and agricultural production.

A large number of monuments to the Municipality's material culture bear witness to the rich history of this region. The geographical position of the Ravno Municipality, the diversity of terrain and the geological past give the territory a unique characteristic. The area of the Ravno Municipality has features of Mediterranean climate with minor deviations.

The Ravno Municipality is characterized by karst and stone and by the well-known Vjetrenica cave, the fertile Popovo field, the subterranean Trebišnjica, as well as its rich historical heritage.

Many historic documents, such as the Anniversary of the pope Dukljanin from the second half of the twelfth century, and the plates written in Croatian Cyrillic are proof of old historical heritage of this Municipality.

Visit Ravno Municipality today and enjoy the benefits of nature, as well as local gastronomical specialties and historic nobilities.

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